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Vokalisten i Possessed går for første gang på 30år.

Foto: Facebook / Possessed

Possessed-vokalist Jeff Becerra gikk for første gang på over 30 år takket være bruk av robotbein. Becerra postet opptak av seg selv som gikk gjennom gangen på et sykehus på bandets TikTok-side.

Becerra ble lam fra brystet og ned i 1989 etter å ha blitt skutt to ganger.

I et intervju fra 2019 forteller Becarra om den skjebnesvangre dagen:

"I've been in a wheelchair longer than I've been walking, It's my normal. It wasn't so much of an accident — I got shot by two different guns in a robbery. I was doing concrete construction. I worked something like 13 hours that day. I stopped to get a pack of Camels and I guess I flashed a hundred dollar bill and on the way out, two guys in hoods, little ninja guys came running up with guns: 'Give me all of your fucking money.' I kind of resisted; I should have just given them the money, but I was fucked, I was cornered.

"It's not the first time I had a gun pointed at me and I knew they meant business. We scuffled, there was no way out of it and I ended up getting shot a couple of times. The first guy pushed a 9-millimeter to my chest. It broke through the ribs and shattered the lungs and stuck on in the spine, so I still have a 9-millimeter slug stuck on the vertebrate T3. I think the second guy was covering me from about 15 feet away, so there was nowhere to run. It was more like a knee-jerk reaction because the first shot was 'pow!' and right after, 'pow!'"

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