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Roger Miret har fått kreft

Foto: Alf Berg

Vokalist, Roger Miret, fra Agnostic Front ble tidligere i år diagnostisert med kreft. Han har nå lagt ut en ny oppdatering som sier at han lyktes med operasjonene og at han "burde føle seg bedre snart." Det er fabelaktige nyheter for alle fans!

Hvis du vil hjelpe Roger og familien med medisinske regninger, kan du donere på GoFundMe-siden som er opprettet.

På nettsiden står det;

"Attention worldwide family and friends!!

Earlier this year, Agnostic Front’s vocalist Roger Miret was diagnosed with cancer. A long road of tests and diagnoses lead to a complex surgery and lengthy hospital stay.

Even though the surgery was complicated the results were extremely positive. The cancer was successfully removed and we are very relieved to say that Roger is now in complete remission and that all signs of cancer have disappeared.

With the joy of knowing that Roger is now cancer free also comes the bitter reality of months of treatment and Roger and his family are dealing with the financial backlash of a cancer diagnosis.

Today we are calling upon our beloved worldwide music scene, friends and family, please share this fundraiser and donate what you can, during these difficult times.

From our family to yours, a heartfelt thank you for your support and contribution!

We ask you to please respect Roger and his family’s privacy while they continue on their journey of recovery."

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