• Eric Sharma

Painkiller 2: Pain Harder?

Rob Halford har svart på spørsmålet om Judas Priest kunne tenkt seg å lage en oppfølger til albumet "Painkiller" i radioprogrammet "Wired In The Empire".

Halford svarte som følgende.

"The joy of PRIEST is that, by definition, I think every record that we've made is what we call, it's got its own legs to stand on. So, from 'Rocka Rolla' all the through to 'Firepower', I think there's a defining separation of where the band is in that moment in time. And we've always been very strong on avoiding replication. That's not to say that you can't have intense, fast metal songs that have a similar flavor, but they have very strong individual identities. And I think it's a case of 'let sleeping metal gods lie,' in that respect, to reference to 'Painkiller'. Because I think if you try to emulate the real soul and spirit of 'Painkiller' — I'm sure we'd have a really good go at it, but it wouldn't capture it; it wouldn't come close. It's just such a unique record in so many ways — the songs, the engineering, the sound of the hi-hat, the mic I used — all these vitally important nuances that go into making a record, you can't really truly replicate them and capture the essence again. So I think it's best to leave it as it is."

Hva tenker du? Kunne de fått det til?

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