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Once Human hyller fallen venn

Foto: Chris Bubinas

Once Human strømmer nå sin nye singel "Cold Arrival", som fungerer som en hyllest til bandets falne venn Jared.

Once Human-gitarist Max Karon har tidligere uttalt at Jared var en integrert del av bandets mentale velvære og vil bli savnet.

"In the beginning of the pandemic, we as a band lost someone very near and dear to us. Being around Jared was our mutual tether to healthy habits and personal empowerment,"

"He was personable, fun, and a constant source of wisdom. To us, he felt like a permanent, immutable fixture in our lives. He left us suddenly and without warning. These last eighteen months have been a solemn reminder that the lives we lead and the people we know are not immortal. The acknowledgment of that harsh reality is 'Cold Arrival'."

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