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Ny video fra Jinjer

Foto: Facebook / Jinjer

Jinjer har sluppet en splitter ny musikkvideoen til låten deres, "Disclosure!", som er tatt fra deres nylig utgitte "Wallflowers"-album.

Videoen ble regissert av Bazil Pereverzev og de har også invitert tilbake eks-Jinjer-gitaristen Dmitriy Oksen.

I forhold til innholdet i videoen har bandet uttalt følgende:

"Believe it or not it is not always easy being in the spotlight all the time… with each success this band reaches there is a huge amount of expectations from the outside that come with each step we make. From personal opinions to politics and now to the pandemic, our every move is scrutinized and judged by the outside. Although it's not always fun, we would not have it any other way…"

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