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Mer gørr fra Ice Nine Kills

Foto: Scott F. Schafer

Ice Nine Kills er ute med sin nye singel "Funeral Derangements". Musikkvideoen er inspirert av Stephen Kings roman "Pet Semetary" fra 1983.

Vokalist Spencer Charnas påpeker også at videoen til "Funeral Derangements", regissert av Jensen Noen, inneholder den originale Pet Semetary-skuespilleren Miko Hughes.

"In perhaps the most ironic cameo in recent horror memory, we've tapped the amazing Miko Hughes (Gage from the original Pet Sematary) to play the role of the reckless truck driver," said Charnas. "An 18-wheeler, a twisted cat, a scalpel and an evil burial ground all come together in what I'd call our most ambitious homage yet. Dig in…"

Ice Nine Kills slipper sin nye plate "The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood" 15. oktober.

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