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Mørkt og moro fra britene i Mastiff

Foto: Stewart Baxter

Det britiske bandet Mastiff sitt nye album "Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth" slippes førstkommende fredag 10.september via eOne.

De er nå ute med første smakebit fra det kommende albumet i form av låta "Midnight Creeper", sammen med tilhørende musikkvideo.

Sangen er en sjangerflytende metalpunk-låt som stikker sine musikalske tær i både svartmetal, slam, grind og hardcore, og videoen spiller ut som en campy slasher-film.

Bandet forteller selv:

"Midnight Creeper" is one the most chaotic and savage moments of ‘Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth’. Our mindset when writing it was something along the lines of ‘What if Will Haven was a grindcore band?!’, and we’re pretty happy with the results. The song originally had a whole extra part at the end, but after months sat on the song during the first lockdown in 2020, we revisited it and realised it was totally not needed, and that the grind part that ends the song now was a far more fitting way to disorient and bamboozle people.

Lyrically, "Midnight Creeper" is one of the more personal and angry tracks on ‘Leave Me…’, and deals pretty directly with a person who was very close to the band and that we all considered a friend, who was unceremoniously outed as a predator and a liar. The feeling of disgust and betrayal within our musical community hung over us for a long time, and we wanted to make a clear statement that we stand behind victims, we abhor abusers, and that consent is everything. That we picked one of our most brutal songs to convey that message seemed fitting, really. "

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