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Lars Göran Petrov (17.02.1972 - 7.03 2021)

Foto: Facebook / Entombed A. D.


Entombed og Entombed A. D. vokalist Lars Göran Petrov har gått bort.

Bandets uttalelse:

⁣"We are devastated to announce that our beloved friend Lars-Göran Petrov has left us.⁣⁣


Our brother, leader, vocalist, our Chief Rebel Angel went on another ride last night. It’s with the deepest sadness that we have to announce that Lars-Göran Petrov has left us. He was (is!!!) an incredible friend, and a person that has touched so many people. He has changed so many lives with his voice, his music, his character and his unique personality. LG’s smile is something that we will carry forever in our hearts. When asked in an interview what he would like to have written on his grave and what about his legacy, he said: "I will never die, it will never die". And you didn’t. You will live forever in our hearts. "

Metallen har mistet en ekte helt. Med en fantastisk diskografi.


Entombed A.D.

  • Back to the Front (2014)

  • Dead Dawn (2016)

  • Bowels Of Earth (2019)


  • Shadow Realms (2015)

  • The Reprobate (2017)

  • Abominate (2019)


  • Sick World (1989)



  • Rehearsal 07/08/1987 (demo, 1987)

  • December Moon (demo, 1987)

  • Last Supper (demo, 1988)

  • December Moon (EP, 1994)

  • Death Execution (compilation, 1995)

  • Live in Stockholm (LP, Reaper, 2000)

  • Death Execution III (7", Reaper, 2001)

  • Year of the Goat (compilation, Century Media, 2011)


  • Premature Autopsy - Demo (1988)

  • Only Shreds Remain - Demo (1989)

  • Drowned - Demo (1989)

  • Drowned - 7" Single (1989)

  • Nihilist (1987-1989) - (2005)

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