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Generation Kill inn i mørket

Foto: Facebook / Generation Kill

Generation Kill, bandet som frontes av tidligere Exodus-vokalist Rob Dukes, har nå sluppet en ny singel kalt "Into The Black" fra deres kommende plate "MKUltra".

Dukes forteller at singelen er inspirert av John Carpenter-filmen "They Live" fra 1988, som var basert på en novelle fra 1963 kalt "Eight O'Clock in the Morning" av Ray Nelson.

"The story 'Eight O'Clock In The Morning' by Ray Nelson inspired the lyrics, and I watched a doc on 'They Live' which took me down the rabbit hole of short stories and books so I took the idea and ran with it," said Dukes. "The Generation Kill boys gave me a barn burner with a really cool ending to work with. Shooting the video was good fun. We had a blast hanging together and doing this. Hunter Chapman did a killer job and the bugs and heat didn't deter us from having a blast."

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