• Eric Sharma

Daughters i studio!

Foto: Daughtersofficial.com

De amerikanske støyrockerne lover at ny skive er på vei og at man nå har muligheten til å følge progressjonen tett.

"Work on LP5 has begun. Join us on our Patreon to see more of what we were up to in the studio and to receive future updates from there over the coming months. Along with behind the scenes footage and continuing to share an in-depth look at one song a month, we’ve got a bunch of other exclusives coming for our Patrons including Patreon only LP variants of future represses, AMAs, and much more. We’re looking forward to all we’ll be sharing there in the future so we’ve decided to offer an annual subscription discount and starting today if you sign up for a year you’ll receive one month free. Join today at patreon.com/daughters" står det i en uttalelse fra bandet sjøl på facebook i tillegg til videoen under.

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